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Rats have been a nuisance to man for thousands of years. These rats bring around all sorts of diseases and were responsible for the most infamous of all time, the black death. There are two types of rat in Britain, the brown and also the black rat.

The brown rat is larger than the black rat and weighs almost twice as much with a tail that is shorter than it’s own body when compared to the black rat whos tail is always larger than its body!



Both species of rat breed rapidly due to becoming sexually mature at only 3 months old. Rats product 3 – 12 litters per year with each containing 6/8 young each time. This makes their numbers very hard to control. That’s where we come in!

Rats are creatures of habit, so they usually leave regular trails to and from the areas where they feed. They are capable of spreading disease and are often a menace to poultry and other animals.

To keep rats at bay : remove gaps under sheds/garages, don’t leave scraps of food outdoors, feed birds on a feeding table/basket – however sometimes these measures are not enough to get rid of a serious and persistent rat infestation.


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