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Wasps nest removal Glasgow

Finding that you have a wasp nest on your property can be extremely worrying, as the stings from a swarm of wasps can be very nasty. In some cases it can be fatal.

Wasps will nest in awkward places in a property, which can sometimes make their nests hard to locate.

You may be in no doubt that you have a nest, but finding it can be difficult,particularly if it is in roof timbers, an attics, a cavity wall or even underground, which are all likely nesting areas.

It is best to leave the job of locating precisely where the nest is to a professional pest removal company.


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Wasp stings are not uncommon when you first discover a nest, since wasps will attack anyone who comes in range and is deemed a threat.

Although single stings in themselves are not dangerous, they can become infected and cause a good deal of pain. Some individuals may, however, be triggered into what is known as anaphylactic shock.

This is a potential life-threatening reaction caused by the body’s immune system overreacting. Anaphylactic shock should be treated as a medical emergency and an ambulance should be called immediately.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis will come on rapidly and include difficulty in breathing, feeling faint, itching skin or a raised rash and swelling of the face. If any of these symptoms appear after a wasp sting, act immediately.

If you think you have a wasp nest in your house, keep everyone away from the area, particularly children.

Thankfully, anaphylactic shock is rare. But the consequences are so serious that it is important to have a professional pest removalcompany remove a wasp nest as soon as possible.


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